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2007 Corporate Partners

American Family Insurance
Lee Hecht Harrison
Melli, Walker, Pease & Ruhly, S.C.
Right Management

Fidelitec, LLC
Klaas Financial

Higgins Hemb Insurance Group
Neider & Boucher, S.C.
Payroll Data Services
Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation
Stark Company Realtors
UW-Madison Executive Education
Winterthur North America / General Casualty

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February 14 - Wednesday in the Park

Healthcare Cost Containment - The 70 Foot Wave on the Healthcare Horizon
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February 20 - Chapter Meeting

Has Casual Day Gone Too Far? - Business Etiquette
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2006 - 2007 GMA SHRM Professional Scholarship

All qualified GMA SHRM members are eligible for this $1000 scholarship.

Examples of covered eligible programs include:
• Attendance at a National/State SHRM conference
• Post-secondary degree in business or human resources related discipline
• Support of certification or re-certification (PHR, SPHR, GPHR, CCP, CEBS, etc.)
• Certificate programs in business or human resources related discipline

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Application deadline is March 23, 2007.

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By Sue Estes GMA SHRM President

Winter is finally upon us and while the thought of curling up in front of a crackling fire at home and sipping a cup of hot cocoa sounds pretty tempting, I expect we are all still at the office, facing the daily challenges and enjoying the rewards of our chosen profession. Now is the time to take a moment to stop and think about investing in yourself and consider the benefits of life-long learning. Looking at the 2007 Programming Calendar for GMA SHRM you will find some great opportunities to attend a Chapter Meeting or a Wednesday in the Park program, join a Professional Emphasis Group, or attend the 2 nd Annual Human Capital Conference. I hope that you will find several events you plan to attend this year. Not only will you have the opportunity to hear from knowledgeable speakers on current topics, you will have the opportunity to learn from networking with your fellow HR professionals.

I also encourage you to consider submitting an application for GMA SHRM’sProfessional Scholarship so you can attend a State or National SHRM conference this year, continue your post-secondary education in business or HR related discipline, support your certification or re-certification, or work on a certificate program in business or HR related discipline. Applications are currently being accepted for our $1,000 Professional Scholarship, which will be awarded later in the Spring. Please see our eligibility requirements for more information about the scholarship. To apply, please complete the application form. The deadline for applying is March 23, 2007.

The support we have from our Partners and advertisers helps the Chapter bring quality programs and other member benefits to you. I would like to thank all the organizations that have made the commitment to support GMA SHRM as our Gold, Silver, and Bronze Partners and advertisers this year. You will find our 2007 Partners listed on our website and to the right of this monthly newsletter column. I would also like to thank the Communications and Marketing Committee volunteers who spent countless hours contacting prospective partners and advertisers about the Partnership Program and advertising opportunities. Special thanks goes to Board Member Cassy Van Dyke, Committee Co-Chairs Ann Wetley* and Dave Furlan, Committee Members Bonnie Wendorff, David Friedman, Joanna Vanderpoel, Jodi Powers, Maggie Blake Kudick, Meg Arneson, and Tara Cassady. *We will certainly miss Ann Wetley when she steps down from her Co-Chair role. She has served this committee and GMA SHRM for many years and we appreciate all the volunteer time she has invested in helping GMA SHRM achieve its goals.

Have you thought of investing in yourself and in the Chapter by volunteering? Part of life-long learning can come from what you learn as a volunteer. This is the time of year when the GMA SHRM Board Nominating Committee begins to review Board leadership candidates. One way to begin to learn and grow as a chapter leader is to get involved in a committee. You’ll have the opportunity to make personal contributions and grow professionally. If you have an interest in committee work or future chapter leadership positions, contact any of the GMA SHRM Board members.

Finally, I would like to wrap up this message with one more look to the past. As you may know, GMA SHRM is celebrating 50 Years of Excellence as a Chapter this year and in the last issue of HR InTouch I shared an article from the Time Magazine archives of 1957 (“They’re Either Too Pretty or Too Old” was an article about the challenges of hiring secretaries.) This month’s “blast from the past” comes from 1967. For some insight into challenges companies had in hiring college graduates, take a look at this article titled “Bidding for Brains” (Time Magazine, July 14, 1967). With all our focus in 2007 on retaining talent and finding qualified candidates, you might find it interesting that HR professionals had their challenges in recruiting 40 years ago too.

If you have a memory to share with us about your HR career and your GMA SHRM membership, please be sure to contact the HR InTouch Editor, Dave Furlan, DFurlan@virchowkrause.com

Have a great month of February!

Sue Estes

Correction: Last month’s President’s Message was written by Sue Estes. The article mistakenly listed Anthony Dix, GMA SHRM President Elect.

"You're Picking On Me"
By David R. Friedman, Friedman Law Firm

Every human resource person has heard the complaint from an employee. “You’re picking on me. You’re treating me differently than everyone else.” Usually this complaint comes from an employee who has just been written up for poor work performance. Then next thing the employee tries to do is find a way to claim that the discipline violates an anti-discrimination law. The employee wants the protection of the protected class status in hopes of removing the discipline and keeping the job.

The crux of this approach is for the employee to show that other employees, who are not in the same protected class, are treated more favorably. What usually happens is a complaint is filed with an agency which is often followed by a lawsuit. If there is a lawsuit the employee is going to want access to the other employees’ personnel files to show the disparate treatment the “harmed” employee is receiving. A recent Eastern District of Wisconsin Federal Court decision makes it clear that if information is requested from a personnel file, it has to be narrowly tailored to the issue at hand. There are valid reasons why an employer should carefully review any requests by a plaintiff for the personnel files of other employees.

Assuming that the “harmed” employee gets access to the files, it does not mean the employee wins. The “harmed” employee has to show that that similarly situated employees were treated differently. A similarly situated employee for purposes of proving discrimination refers to “employees who were directly comparable to [the plaintiff] in all material respects.” To evaluate whether two employees are directly comparable, the courts consider all of the relevant factors, which most often include whether the employees (i) held the same job description, (ii) were subject to the same standards, (iii) were subordinate to the same supervisor, and (iv) had comparable experience, education, and other qualifications, provided the employer considered the latter factors in making the personnel decision.

As the 7 th Circuit Court of Appeals has said, “above all, we are mindful that courts do not sit as super personnel departments, second-guessing an employer's facially legitimate business decisions.”

The difficult part for the “harmed” employee is finding the appropriate group of co-workers who can be used as the basis for comparison. Even if there is a group of employees working in the same area or doing the same job, the “harmed” employee has to show that employees who were treated differently had worked the same number of years and had the same supervisor.

Length of service is particularly relevant if the comparison group is selected on the basis of the total number of reprimands received by each of the members regardless of length of service. A worker who received one reprimand in 10 years would not be comparable to a worker who had received one reprimand in one year.

A difference in supervisors is important in evaluating a worker's record of reprimands when the supervisors who issue the reprimands have broad discretion (the equivalent of prosecutorial discretion) in deciding whether and when to do so.

It is important to understand the difference between a legitimate complaint, which requires action, and the complaining employee who is trying to use the anti-discrimination laws as a cover for the employee’s behavior. Knowing how the courts view the comparison with other employees will help you to better perform your job.

The opinions expressed or implied are those of the author and may not represent the official position of GMASHRM. This article is intended for general information purposes and highlights developments in the legal area. This article does not constitute legal advice. The reader should consult legal counsel to determine how this information applies to any specific situation.


Benefit Plan Compliance Calendar
By Adam Jensen, JD, CEBS, FLMI, Virchow Krause Employee Benefits

It’s a new year, and with it employee benefit plan compliance responsibilities start all over again. Here is a summary of annual notice and filing requirements for calendar year-based health and welfare plans and retirement plans.

Health and Welfare Plans
One of the first requirements for calendar year health and welfare plans is to disclose to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that the appropriate Medicare D Certificates of Creditable or Non-Creditable Coverage were provided to plan participants by November 15 th, 2006. Employers must complete the disclosure form on the CMS Creditable Coverage Disclosure Web Page at http://www.cms.hhs.gov/creditablecoverage.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), requires employers sponsoring self-funded medical or dental plans to inform participants at least once every three years that they may request a copy of their plan’s Notice of Privacy Practices. Large plans (those paying more than $5 million/yr in benefits), were required to send reminders for the first time by April 14, 2006. Small plans (those paying less than $5 million/yr) are required to provide notices of availability to participants by April 14, 2007. Some third party administrators (TPAs) may provide these notices on an employer’s behalf. Employers should verify with their own TPA as to whether or not this is being done for their particular plan. HIPAA regulations do not require distribution of the entire Notice of Privacy Practices, but merely notification that participants have the right to request one.

Medical plans that cover mastectomies must provide an annual notice under the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA) describing required benefits for mastectomy-related reconstructive surgery, prostheses, and treatment of physical complications of mastectomy. The annual WHCRA notice must be provided to all participants (female and male) at some point during the plan year. The notice may be mailed or distributed internally and applies to all medical plans, both fully-insured and self-funded.

Filing Deadlines for Calendar Year Health and Welfare Plans



Form Number

When Due*


File Summary of Material Modifications if plan has been modified during the preceding plan year.


Not later than 210 days after the end of the plan year in which the change is adopted.


Request for Extension to File 5500 Series


Last day of 7 th month beginning after end of plan year


Annual Report of Plan (with Schedules)

5500 series

Last day of 7 th month beginning after end of plan year (or as extended)


Extended Deadline for filing of Form 5500

5500 series

2-1/2 months after original filing deadline

Important Deadlines for Calendar Year Retirement Plans

Here are a number of important deadlines for calendar year retirement plans.



Form Number

When Due*


Distribution Reporting to Participants

1099-R (copy B)



Distribution Reporting to IRS (form 1096)

1096 transmittal with Forms 1099-R (copy A)



Complete ADP/ACP testing


15-Mar ( to avoid excise taxes)


Corrective Distribution for Failed ADP/ACP without 10% Excise Tax


2-1/2 months after plan year end


Contribution Deadline for Deductibility for Corporate Entities


2-1/2 months after fiscal year end


Corrective Distribution of 402(g) (Excess Deferrals)




Request for Extension to File 5500 Series


Last day of 7 th month beginning after end of plan year


Annual Report of Plan (with Schedules)

5500 series

Last day of 7 th month beginning after end of plan year (or as extended)


Extended Deadline for filing of Form 5500

5500 series

2-1/2 months after original filing deadline


Safe Harbor Plan Notice


30 to 90 days prior to start of plan year using Safe Harbor design



Complete coverage, top-heavy, 415 testing.



Last day of plan year (normally done 1 st Qtr)


Corrective Distribution for Failed ADP/ACP with 10% Excise Tax


Last day of plan year following year of failure

*Deadlines for IRS Forms are extended to the next business day if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday.

The above is a general summary for calendar year-based employee benefit plans. Please check with your employee benefits advisor for information on the specific requirements that apply to your plans.

Adam P. Jensen is a Senior Consultant with Virchow Krause Employee Benefits, LLC and has worked in the insurance and employee benefits industry since 1986. Adam specializes in providing regulatory compliance and plan design services for health and welfare plans and qualified retirement plans. He also advises executive clients on non-qualified deferred compensation issues.

Office Gossip…and a Manager’s Responsibility
This is an edited version of material extracted from a paper written by Robert E. Gregg, Boardman Law Firm

Every work place is going to have some gossip. In fact, the "rumor mill" can be an important informal communication channel and a "steam valve" for tensions.

It can also go "over the line" and do great harm to people. Malicious gossip damages careers, reputations and even health. That harm can also result in lawsuits for defamation, invasion of privacy, harassment, malicious interference with employability. Both the employer and individuals involved can be found liable for the damages.

Human behavior does not easily fit into clear-cut categories or finite measurements. The boundaries between what is clearly okay, low-level banter and what is malicious and defamatory gossip are not always a "bright line" down the center of the road. Some clear “danger areas” may include allegations that someone: has committed criminal acts, is an alcoholic, is drug dependent, has and/or is spreading a serious contagious disease, has committed professional malpractice, or has committed infidelity in one's marriage or serious relationship. Also in the danger area are comments revealing medical information without consent, and divulging negative employment information to those who do not have a need to know.

A Manager’s Responsibility

Clearly managers should not promote or engage in vicious gossip, defamation, or invasion of privacy. However, it is not enough for a supervisor to just "stay out of it." Once you know your work place is being used to spread ("to publish") invasive, humiliating or defamatory information, there is a duty to act to stop the behavior.

Some pointers to follow:

  • If you hear gossip regarding anything on the "danger areas" list, check it out. It is cause for concern and may be a reason for action to stop the gossip.
  • If a negative topic about a person has "taken on a life" and won't die off, check it out. It is now a "persistent" topic of gossip and ripe for being "over the line."
  • Any overtly nasty or graphic comments are grounds for intervention. "Slurs" of a personal, racial, sexual, ethnic, or religious nature should get immediate attention.
  • Don't openly "bad mouth" employees you are frustrated about. Talk to other managers about your concerns and frustration, but not to the person's co-workers.
  • Stop any speculation about a person's diseases or mental condition. (This is different from employees' discussions of concern about a co-worker who is known to be in the hospital, on medical leave, etc.).
  • Listen to and deal with employees' expressions of concern about the problem performance or behavior of a co-worker. Providing a management channel for the issue can prevent the build-up of frustration and prevent the resort to malicious gossip and "self help."
  • Consult with HR and/or an EAP if you are concerned about a gossip situation, but are not sure what to do.

Bob Gregg of Boardman Law Firm will conduct Spandex is a Privilege, Not a Right! Casual Days, Dress Codes and Work Appearance at the February GMA SHRM Chapter Meeting.


National Membership Benefits: HR Career Guide

The national SHRM organization features many excellent benefits for the HR professional. HR InTouch will be bringing some of these to your attention over the next several months as a way to enhance the value of your SHRM membership.

The HR Career Guide is an interactive career mapping tool available as a free benefit to SHRM members. The guide takes a thorough approach with a logical three step process that provides the six core components to be qualified and successful in the target position on your career map. The tool only takes about ten minutes to get started by working through a series of questions resulting in a personal profile and action plan.


Website of the Month: Second Life

Are you ready for games to be a part of your HR strategy? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s happening already at some organizations.

A recent article on the national SHRM website described how several large organizations are using gaming technology to tackle HR responsibilities such as employee orientations. The technology is particularly effective for employees from different cultures spread out across the globe.

One hot area for gaming is virtual reality worlds. In particular, Second Life has caught the attention of many companies. IBM has bought land on this site and creates avatars – digital personas – to guide employees through the orientation process.

Second Life is also turning heads in the recruitment world. A recent online article in Fortune describes how some companies have recruited individuals based on their accomplishments in this virtual reality world.

If you just want to see what is remarkable about the Internet, a visit to Second Life may be worth your time. A visit may also help you decide if the site’s concept, as an HR tool, may now or in the future fit with your company’s culture.

In celebration of our 50 th anniversary, here are some thoughts you shared with us at our last program meeting:

“When I think of my GMA SHRM membership the first thing that comes to mind are the friends I’ve made throughout the years…including one of my closest friends. [We] became close friends because of our common goals working with the GMA SHRM chapter. There have been many laughs along the way and lots of learning too.”

“I joined SHRM when I started studying for the PHR exam, and I belonged to the study group. We had so many people working on their PHR/SPHR designations that we had to split up into two study groups.”

“SHRM meetings and volunteering on a committee offers the opportunity to get to know the professionals on a deeper level professionally and personally. SHRM meetings are also an excellent way to gain exposure to fantastic speakers.”

“I’ve been a chapter member for almost ten years. During that time, the chapter has educated me on so many topics due to the outstanding programming, and it also guided me to a successful PHR designation. When I was in the midst of a very challenging job search, several tenured members were there for me with helpful advice and support. I think the chapter does a fantastic job in recognizing that we come together, not as representatives of a certain company, but as a group of career professionals in the HR field.”

Do you have any chapter memories to share during our 50 th anniversary celebration? If so, please contact HR InTouch.

Committee Spotlight: Communications & Marketing

The GMA SHRM Board of Directors focused its Committee Spotlight in January on Communications and Marketing. The Board featured the committee at the January 12th Board Meeting and recognized committee members for their many past accomplishments as well as for their commitment to upcoming goals.

Again this year, the committee exceeded its revenue goals for directory advertising and the partnership program. These two programs have been the mainstay of chapter revenue for many years. With the support of advertisers and partners, we have been able to offer the many programs and resources that have made our chapter successful over the past several years.

For 2007, Communications and Marketing will focus on recognizing HR as a resource within the local community. This focus is one of the strategic goals set forth by the Board for the entire chapter. Committee plans for this year include continuing to develop a media relations program, becoming involved as an informational resource for governmental affairs, and furthering our chapter’s relationship with local chambers of commerce.

Communications and Marketing is actively seeking new members. If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Committee Chair, Dave Furlan.

A Morning of Fun – GMA SHRM Golf Scramble

A hush falls over the crowd; you get in your stance hands wrapped around the leather of your putter, and look at your target. A hole that seems an eternity away is all that stands between you and victory a mere twenty feet away. As you tap the ball toward its inevitable destiny, you hear the gasps around you. It seems as if the ball is not going to make it—but wait—it is curving to the right towards the hole. And finally –plunk! The crowd erupts into cheers! Tiger Woods and Ernie Els are walking toward you to congratulate you on a great game. Beep-beep-beep! Is that truck filled with money for you? Beep-beep-beep! You wake up with a start and realize that today is still the middle of winter and you have a couple of months to wait until you will be able to get out on the greens.

Quite a dream but here is the reality!

GMA SHRM will be hosting our first ever Golf Scramble June 20 at the Oaks Golf Course. Get this event on your calendar early and help us celebrate our 50 th anniversary in style! Don’t worry if you are not a seasoned golfer, the “scramble” format allows everyone to have a good time whether you are great with a driver or just great at driving a cart. We are playing for fun, and we are playing for a cause. All proceeds from the event will go to Madison Area Literacy Council. The cost of the scramble will be $79.00 which will include fees and lunch. Tee time will be 8:30 am so be here and ready for a day of fun! More information, including sign up, will be coming soon.


Welcome New Members!

GMA SHRM welcomes the following members who joined our chapter in December.

Kristen A. Anchor

Staff Education Coordinator

Oakwood Village

Bridget D. Folbrecht

HR Manager

Wick Buildings

Brenda J. Ritter

HR Manager

Madison Marriott West

Daniel Seering

Human Resources Manager

Access Community Health Centers

Rod Van Nevel

Director of HR & Organizational Development

UW Credit Union

Wendy S. Whiting

Benefits Specialist

Oakwood Village

Jeanie Witt

HR/Office Manager

Foremost Farms USA


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: 2007 HRGames / Student State Conference

The University of Wisconsin – Madison Student SHRM Chapter is hosting the 2007 HR Games / Student State Conference. The event will be held on February 23 and 24 at the Wisconsin School of Business at UW-Madison (Grainger Hall). The student chapter needs your help.


The HRGames are a fun way to motivate and prepare students for PHR certification. The HRGames consist of a two-day series of game show style matches, between teams of up to three undergraduate students from various colleges and universities. The questions for the matches are divided into categories similar to those used in the PHR certification exam (i.e., Management Practices; Selection & Recruitment; Training & Development; Compensation & Benefits; Employee/Labor Relations; and Health, Safety & Security). In each round, students select points and a category of questions. The question is read twice and the teams have 15 seconds to supply the correct answer. After a series of initial matches, teams with the best records participate in the championship rounds for first and second place.

Winning teams at the state level earn the right to compete at the regional competitions. Although the advancement format varies by region, teams typically compete on the state level first. Regional winners go on to compete against other regional champions at the SHRM Annual Conference.

There are many benefits to the HRGames. The HRGames are an event that offers the opportunity to bring professional chapter volunteers, students and student chapter advisors together in a meaningful way. The effort it takes to plan and conduct the games is worthwhile and beneficial to the professional members as well as the students. The volunteers conducting the games get a refresher course in the body of knowledge required of a human resource professional as they listen to the students answer questions. The students receive an opportunity to network with other students and showcase their knowledge to HR practitioners.

Volunteering - How You Can Help

We need approximately 55 volunteers to assist with the HRGames. Overall, we need a Matrix Manager, Volunteer Trainer, and Registration Helpers. For each room, we will need a Presenter, Timekeeper, and Scorekeeper, Judge (PHR or SPHR) and Senior Judge (SPHR). We anticipate using 10 rooms.

In addition to the volunteers needed to assist with the HRGames, we are seeking volunteers to speak to students. Possible topics include the following:

  • Panel of recent graduates discussing how each got his/her start in HR
  • Wellness Programs
  • Teamwork or Effective Communication
  • Importance of HR understanding the strategy of company and each position
  • Training/Motivation
  • Case study experiences

HRGames Tentative Schedule:

Friday, February 23 rd:

5:00 - 6:00 Registration begins
5:15 - 6:00 Volunteer training. 
6:00 - 6:15 Opening comments

Team schedule

6:15 - 7:15  Round I
7:15 - 8:00  Round II
8:00 - 8:45  Round III
8:45 - 9:30  Round IV

Saturday, February 24 th

8:00 – 9:00 Registration and continental breakfast. 
9:00 – 10:00 Speaker
10:15 – 11:15 Speaker
11:30 – 12:30 Speaker
12:30 – 1:15 Lunch
1:15 – 2:05 HR Games Semi-finals
2:15 – 3:00 HR Games Finals
3:00 - 3:20 Concluding Comments and Awards Presentation.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in volunteering, speaking or would like more information about the HRGames / Student State Conference please contact: John Komosa, GMA SHRM Director of Education & Professional Development , 608-204-6276 direct, johnk@qstaff.com.

Movin' Up

Jeff Hackel, SPHR, is the new Human Resource Director at Oakwood Village. Jeff is a GMA SHRM Past President, and has been in HR for 18 years and a member of GMA SHRM for over 15 years. Oakwood Village is a not-for-profit, locally operated organization consisting of two continuing care retirement communities, Oakwood Village East and Oakwood Village West, in Madison.  Oakwood Village employs approximately 600 employees and cares for 1,000 residents. Congratulations, Jeff!

Have you started with a new company? Has your organization recently promoted you to a new position? Or do you want to recognize a new person or promotion within your department? If so, we want to hear about it. Send us an e-mail, and we’ll publish your good news in the next HR InTouch!

HR InTouch Guidelines

Article Writing:

Do you have an interest in writing for the HR InTouch? We have an interest in learning more about your area of expertise!

Why should you volunteer? Top three reasons: 1) to share your knowledge and experiences to educate others; 2) to become more connected in the HR and Dane County communities; and 3) to contribute towards the advancement of GMA SHRM and the HR profession.

The first step is for you to choose a submission option: you can pre-submit an article to GMA SHRM at any time for us to use in any of the upcoming newsletters, you can sign up to write for a particular month, or we can put you on a list of people to contact in future months whenever we need articles.

Article length:

Because the HR InTouch is now in an online format, the size is flexible. The article should be engaging and hold readers’ attention. Include the core information in your article, and we will advise if it is too lengthy.


GMA SHRM is conscious not to allow solicitation through the articles, in an effort to protect the interests of our partners and members. The nature of the article should be educational (i.e., what are the business advantages of having a product like yours) or informational. Otherwise, if you truly are interested in advertising through the HR InTouch, you can work with our Marketing Committee. As a rule of thumb for article writing, if the submission relates to a for-profit event, or specifically markets your company (vs. your industry), it is an advertisement, and should be purchased. If it is a not-for-profit event that your company is hosting, or an announcement (i.e., a SHRM member recently joined your company), it is an acceptable addition to the HR InTouch content. If you have any questions related to the appropriateness of your submission, please contact us.

If you have questions, or to submit an article, contact GMA SHRM at chapteradmin@gmashrm.org .







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